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Common Plumbing Problems for Homeowners This Summer

June 29, 2022

Summer is the season to think about your next pool party or trip to the beach. Though, this should also be the time for you to start considering how the hot weather will affect your plumbing. The change in climate may bring about some plumbing problems. Read on to learn about the most common issues that homeowners experience during this season.

Clogged Disposal

During summer, you’d probably want to enjoy and let loose by having guests over. Common summer activities that people do include hosting barbeques and other parties. While these can be fun, make sure to dispose of any leftover foods properly. When they aren’t, waste like grease, fruit skin, and vegetable peelings can easily clog your trash pipe.

Flooded Basement

When you think about summer, you’d typically expect warm or humid weather. However, summer rains are more common than you may think. This is especially for places like North Carolina, where summer is the wettest season. Continuous heavy rainfall can flood your basement.

Leaks from Washing Machines

The warm season is typically the time when people engage in numerous trips and outdoor activities. You’re most likely to change your clothes more often than usual because of how easy it is to perspire while exposed to the heat. This could result in overloading your washing machine when it’s time to do your laundry.

When you excessively use your machine, this may cause it to leak. A small leak might not seem like a big deal. However, it may also lead to bigger problems like a flood if not attended to.

Broken Sprinklers

Many people enjoy hanging out in the backyard during the summer. The increased foot traffic on the lawn, however, can make the sprinkler head tilt and sink. If this gets damaged, it can cause leaking as well. To find out if your sprinklers are broken, look for these signs: water spraying wildly, a sprinkler head that is ripped off, or an impaired plastic casing.

Beat the Heat With Residential Plumbing Services

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