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Your home in Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties deserves the best care, especially when it comes to plumbing. Milam Plumbing stands as your premier partner, delivering exceptional residential plumbing services that ensure every aspect of your system is in peak condition. Secure your appointment today with Milam Plumbing for service that goes beyond mere fixes—it offers complete peace of mind.



Our Wide Range of Plumbing Services for Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties

Expert Plumbing Repairs

Precision-driven repairs by Milam Plumbing to ensure the longevity and reliability of your system.

Advanced Leak Detection

Cutting-edge techniques employed to quickly locate and fix leaks, protecting your home from potential water damage.

Garbage Disposal Solutions

Smooth installations and meticulous repairs by Milam Plumbing, keeping your kitchen operations seamless.

Shower & Bathtub Excellence

Ensuring a luxurious bathing experience with top-tier installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Toilet Maintenance & Repair

Quick and comprehensive services by Milam Plumbing to keep your toilets in pristine working condition.

Sewer & Drain Mastery

Expert cleaning, unclogging, and repair services to maintain a clog-free, efficient plumbing system.

Water Line Services

High-quality repair and replacement solutions for a consistent, clean water supply.

Water Heaters

Specialized in installation & servicing all types of water heaters for your comfort and convenience.

Faucet & Sink Services

From fixing leaky faucets to new sink installations, Milam Plumbing ensures flawless operation.

Professional Piping & Repiping

Employing the best materials and craftsmanship for a durable, high-performing plumbing infrastructure.

Bathroom Remodel

Elevate your bathroom from ordinary to oasis with Milam Plumbing.

Kitchen Remodel

Transform your kitchen into the heart of your home with your general contractor and Milam Plumbing's kitchen remodel services.

Whole House Renovation

Milam Plumbing is at the forefront of whole house renovations, providing comprehensive plumbing solutions.

Water & Sewer

Upgrade your home's essential systems with Milam Plumbing's water and sewer services.


Revitalize your home's plumbing infrastructure with Milam Plumbing's professional repiping services. We replace old, corroded.

Water Heater Installation

Experience the comfort of consistent, efficient hot water with Milam Plumbing's water heater installation services. We offer both conventional.

Water & Sewer

Milam Plumbing provides comprehensive water and sewer services tailored to new constructions.

Slab / Rough-In / Trim-Out

Our expertise extends to the foundational aspects of plumbing in residential new construction.

Piping & Fixtures

Choosing the right materials and fixtures is vital for a durable and efficient plumbing system.

Temporary Power

Kickstart your construction project with Milam Plumbing's temporary power services. Essential for the early stages of building,

New Residential Construction

Milam Plumbing brings precision and expertise to electrical installations in residential new construction.

Electrical Contractor License 

At Milam Plumbing, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards of professionalism and safety.

Service Area

Our electric services reach across Pender, Brunswick, New Hanover, and beyond. We're committed to bringing our expertise.

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Ready to discuss your gas service needs? Milam Plumbing makes it easy to schedule a consultation.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Experience endless hot water with Milam Plumbing’s tankless water heater installation services.

Gas Tank Sets & Burials

For homes requiring a propane gas supply, Milam Plumbing offers professional gas tank sets and burial services.


Enhance the ambiance and warmth of your home with a gas fireplace installation from Milam Plumbing.

New Construction/
Remodel Gas Piping

Milam Plumbing specializes in gas piping for both new constructions and remodels.

Piping to Generators & Pool Heaters

Ensure your standby generators and pool heaters have a reliable gas supply with Milam Plumbing’s.

Appliance Conversion

Looking to convert your appliances to gas? Milam Plumbing offers professional conversion services for water heaters, cook stoves, and more.


Have questions or facing issues with your gas system? Milam Plumbing provides comprehensive troubleshooting support.


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