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Signs You Need To Call a Residential Plumbing Contractor

January 23, 2022

Residential Plumbing Contractor

You don’t realize how essential your plumbing systems are until something goes wrong with them. When an issue happens, you might brush it off as an easy fix with some tools you have at home. However, it’s still best to contact professionals for expert residential plumbing services. Read on to learn about some signs that you need to call a plumber.

Slow Water Drainage

You may have experienced washing your hands while the sink fills up faster than it drains. Your slow draining sink can be caused by clogging due to food waste, fallen hair, grease, or even tiny pests that have entered inside. A residential plumber can look at this and use an auger to clean it out and unclog your drains.

Gurgling Toilet Water

Do you hear water gurgling as soon as you turn on your shower? This may not seem like a big deal as it is happening. But, this is a sign that you have a clogged sewer drain or a blocked vent stack. You may want to get these fixed before toilet water unexpectedly spills inside your home.

Discolored Water

You may have turned on your faucet and out came yellow, green, or brown water. This happens when there is serious rust buildup or excessive corrosion in your pipes. Rust and corrosion can also lead to other problems such as burst pipes and leakages.

Low Water Pressure

It can be annoying when you want to use your faucet, but the water doesn’t flow out as much as it usually does. Low water pressure can be caused by a clogged aerator. If cleaning doesn’t do the job, this could be an indicator of a bigger underlying issue. You may have broken or damaged pipes in your walls or under your home’s foundation.

Get Reliable Residential Plumbing Services

If you begin to notice any of these problems, contact us at Milam Plumbing Co. We offer residential plumbing services in North Carolina and the Wilmington area. Give us a call today, and our team will be happy to provide solutions to your residential plumbing issues.