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Drainage Pipe Installation 101: How To Install a Perforated Drain Pipe

June 30, 2021

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For your drainage system to work harmoniously, all the essential elements must be present. It includes having a perforated drain pipe designed to allow water to pass through its small holes. This is commonly used to drain excess stagnant water—usually rainwater—near the building foundations. However, it is important to note that a pipe will be efficient only if installed properly. With that, here are the steps you can follow for installation.

Making a Trench

The trench is one of the most important components in pipe installation for your drainage system. This will determine whether the pipe will work effectively, especially when placed in an optimal location. Once determined, digging to create the trench is the next step. It should be noted that the trench should be deep and twice as big as the perforated pipe.

Ensure the Slope

The primary goal of a perforated pipe is to drain stagnant water completely. As such, it should be installed on a slope so that liquids can flow smoothly and avoid clogging. You can ensure this by following measurements using a tape measure, some stakes, and strings during pipe installation.

Fill It Up With Soil and Gravel

It’s also essential to level the soil in the trench to ensure that the base where the pipe will be placed is firm. That is why as you add the soil, necessary adjustments must be made so that the measurements are equal and correct. Once done, put gravel in the trench to secure the pipe and prevent it from sinking in the soil, especially when it rains.

Place the Perforated Pipe

After all the steps are executed, you can now place the perforated pipe with holes facing down on top of the gravel. Add more gravel into the trench to cover the pipe. Lastly, put the remaining soil on top of the gravel to seal and protect it.

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