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How to Find Water Leaks and Do Simple Plumbing Repair

February 10, 2021


Early detection of water leaks can help you save money and prevent problems from getting worse. Knowing how to find and fix leaks in your plumbing system enables you to figure out when to require a professional to do plumbing repair. From tub and shower splash to toilet flange leaks, learn simple ways to locate and sort out your plumbing troubles.

Tub and Shower Splash Leaks

Splash leaks may not seem like a serious plumbing issue, but they can cause major damage. You’ll know you have to fix them when you notice the water starts to seep into the subfloor. Before the vinyl flooring or tile loosens or the plywood rots, test the shower door and find the source of the leaking tub.

Make sure to overlap the sliding doors correctly when you close them. If you have a shower curtain instead of doors, close it completely or use a splash guard. It also helps to replace the old and worn gaskets and sweeps.

Toilet Flange Leaks

Toilet flange leaks cause the water to seep out whenever you flush, destroying the flooring and damaging the ceiling below. If you find ceiling stains near the stacked walls, the leaking flange might be the cause. Check for cracks in the flange and see if the bolts they fit into are broken. If there’s no problem with the flange, you have to reinstall the toilet with a new wax ring.

Sink Rim Leaks

These leaks cause the water to seep into the base of the faucet. If not prevented, they can damage your countertops and cabinets.

Test for rim leaks by dribbling water around the rim and faucet base using a sponge. You can look for the leaks below with a flashlight. To sort this out, try tightening the faucet base and the clips under the sink rim. If the rim is caulked, it’s best to remove and replace it.

In Need of Professional Guidance?

If you want to avoid the hassle of following these suggested plumbing solutions, you can turn to trusted plumbers for professional help. They have the expertise to provide you with the right services.

Choose Milam Plumbing Co. We provide fast and exceptional plumbing services. All you need is to give us the information regarding the plumbing issue, and we will send a highly skilled technician to fix the problem right away.