Plumbing and Gas Services in NC

Milam Plumbing Inc. is humbled to provide residential, commercial, and new construction plumbing and gas services that are second to none. For years, we’ve been serving clients in Leland, NC and surrounding areas.

At Milam Plumbing Inc., our local plumbers are equipped with the required level of expertise, training, and proper equipment when it comes to pipeworks plumbing. They will finish any project in a timely manner, deliver high-quality results, and provide premier customer care.

Our skilled technicians will also explain what they’ll do inside your home or establishment and inform you of the service cost. You can ask them any questions about the process, and they’ll happily give you answers! Reach out to us today for any inquiries on our plumbing repair services.


1. Water heater repair
2. Pipe Repair
3. Bathroom Plumbing
4. Fixing Clogged Drains
5. Gas Piping

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If you need gas plumbing solutions in North Carolina, reach out to us and schedule an appointment. Provide us all the information we need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We also provide free estimates on any service that you’re interested in.