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Everything You Need To Know About Gas Piping

January 5, 2022


During the winter, keeping your home warm and comfortable is essential. It is the season where heating systems are used. Natural gas is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to fuel a furnace or burner. However, natural gas can be dangerous if left unchecked.

It can lead to fires, explosions, and other safety hazards. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to know how their gas piping works. Now, here is everything you need to know about gas piping.

What Are Gas Pipes?

Gas pipes are used for carrying heated water from the boiler to the radiators in your property. They are made of branch lines that run through your appliances. Copper, aluminum, and steel are just some examples of the materials being used for these pipes.

The highly flammable nature of gas is the reason why these gas pipes cannot be connected to ductwork and chimneys. On top of this, all appliances that use gas systems should have a shut-off valve next to them to avoid gas leaks.

How Do They Work?

Gas pipes need pressure for them to work. Gas travels from high pressure to low pressure, and it runs through the distribution line or mainline, where it can be distributed to your appliances such as radiators and ovens.

Before the gas enters your home, it goes through a pressure regulator. As you switch on your furnace or stove, the gas pressure will be slightly higher than the air pressure. This is due to the gas flowing out of the burner when your appliance is turned on.

Let the Professionals Handle Them

If you need any repairs on your gas pipes, you should leave them to the professionals. Fixing them all by yourself is dangerous, so it would be wise to leave them to licensed professionals who are trained to fix them.

These experts have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to fixing gas pipe problems. So, if you need gas pipe repair in Leland, North Carolina and surrounding areas, you can call Milam Plumbing Co. We are here to help you solve your plumbing problems. Call us today!